Interagency thematic scientific digest «Viticulture and winemaking»

Published: 09/15/2017, 11:00 | Posted by glavred


VLASOV V. V., doctor. agricultural sciences, acad. National acad. agrar. Sciences of Ukraine

Deputies of Editor-in-Chief

ZELENYANSKA N. M., doctor. agricultural sciences, elder sciences co-worker

Executive Secretary


LYASHENKO G. V., Dr. geographer. Sciences, prof. (Tayirove, Ukraine)

MULYUKINA N. A., Dr. agricul. Sciences, elder sciences co-worker (Tayirove, Ukraine)

SLYUSARENKO O. M., Dr. biology Sciences, Associate Professor (Odessa, Ukraine)

KHRENOVS’KOV E. I., Dr. agricul. Sciences, prof. (Odessa, Ukraine)

BARANETS L. O., Cand. agricul. Sciences (Tayirove, Ukraine)

DZHABURIYA L. V., Cand. technic. Sciences (Tayirove, Ukraine)

KOVAL’OVA I. A., Cand. agricul. Sciences (Tayirove, Ukraine)

KONUP L. O., Cand. biology Sciences (Tayirove, Ukraine)

KUVSHINOV A. O., Cand. technic. Sciences, Associate Professor (Tayirove, Ukraine)

KUZMENKO A. S., Cand. agricul. Sciences, elder sciences co-worker (Tayirove, Ukraine)

STIRBU A. V., Cand. biology Sciences (Tayirove, Ukraine)

GAINA B. S., Dr. technic. Sciences, prof., acad. Acad Sciences of Moldova (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)

GRITSUK A. I., Dr. medical Sciences, prof. (Gomel, Republic of Belarus)

PACHEV I. D., Dr. agricul. Sciences, prof. (Pleven, Republic of Bulgaria)