Editorial policy
Interagency thematic scientific digest «Viticulture and winemaking»

Mission of the Interagency Thematic Scientific Digest

The Mission of the Interagency Thematic Scientific Digest «Viticulture and winemaking», which is a professional and peer-reviewed periodical scientific and theoretical publication, which covers the innovative, organizational and methodological aspects of modern science of grapes and wine, is to provide the representatives of the scientific community with equal opportunities for the publication of the results of their scientific researchers and their free distribution among scientists both in Ukraine and abroad.

Support for Open Access Initiative

The Editorial Team of the digest supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative, aimed at the free and no pay dissemination of scientific knowledge that promotes the accelerated development of science.

Basic Principles of Editorial Policy

The editorial policy of the interagency thematic scientific digest «Viticulture and winemaking» is based on the following principles:

– objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for the purpose of their publication;

– high demands on the quality of scientific research;

– double «blind» review of articles;

– collegiality in making decisions on the publication of articles;

– accessibility and efficiency in communicating with the authors;

– strict adherence to copyright and related rights;

– strict adherence to the digest schedule.

The editorial team is systematically working on the inclusion of a digest in international electronic libraries, catalogs and science-based databases for the purpose of joining the world scientific information space, raising the rating of the digest and the indexes of the citation of its authors.

Conviction of plagiarism

The editorial team of the digest categorically condemns the manifestations of plagiarism in articles as a violation of copyright and scientific ethics and takes all possible measures to prevent it.

The editorial team of the digest hopes that its activities will contribute to the development of domestic and world science of grapes and wine.